Ma’ayanot is Expanding!

We are grateful to be entering this next exciting phase in our school’s development, and we are eager to utilize this expansion opportunity to create a physical complex that allows us to maximize cutting-edge pedagogies that are emerging as a result of changes in the ways students obtain and utilize knowledge in a digital age.

Please watch the video below to hear Mrs. Kahan explain the educational vision propelling this project forward!

We are excited to give you an inside look into Ma’ayanot’s future. The Ma’ayanot capital project will expand our physical building and make substantive improvements within our existing walls. These new and updated features will include:

  • The addition, which will house the brand new 12,000 square-foot Student Center will be comprised of:
    • Space for the students to use throughout the day including table style seating, couches, a dedicated senior lounge, and a brand new spacious outdoor patio area 
    • A stage fit for professional performances, including stage lighting and AV, that will allow for 700 audience members
    • Torah and Student Programming offices
    • Music room
  • Expanded STEAM Wing which will include state of the art science labs, art studios and multiple Maker Spaces. This area can be opened to create one large area for special presentations or separated into 5 distinct classrooms
  • Library Media Center (LMC) where students will have access to  educational technology and multiple small study spaces for a quiet space to work 
  • Centrally located Beit Knesset and Beit Midrash resource library with ample space for chevruta study
  • Enlarged Learning Center with various areas for individualized and small group student mentoring and skill-building classes. 
  • Enlarged lobby with enhanced security features
  • Updated technology in all classrooms
  • Fitness Studio for dance, yoga and group physical education classes
  • 4 renovated plus 2 additional student lavatories
  • New Sinai suite of classrooms and offices